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Dignity in Care

Mrs Jones had suffered a stroke, which affected the whole of the one side of her body and through the lack of mobility she had slowly increased in weight becoming bariatric.  The carers were visiting on a daily basis but were struggling with the toileting process which was being carried out with a bed pan service…

The initial enquiry to us at Care Necessities was for a slide sheet which assisted the carers to roll Mrs Jones onto one side without her feeling squashed and in pain from the dead weight of the stroke affected side putting pressure on her working side.

After liaising with Mrs Jones and her Occupational Therapist we asked Mrs Jones if she would prefer to be hoisted out of bed and use a shower commode chair with a fully supported sling with a customised toileting aperture…

Her answer was simply ‘yes’ she felt more comfortable and dignified.

Mrs Jones already had a hoist in place at her home and all we had to do was arrange for an alternative toileting sling to be made and supply a shower commode chair.  On delivery we then engaged with the carers to demonstrate the correct usage of the sling, hoisting and shower commode chair.

The true identity of our client has been withheld due to confidentiality.